Next time you receive a takeaway menu/leaflet/flyer On Your Door Mat, put it in an envelope and send it back to the business, Just remember DON'T PUT A STAMP ON THE ENVELOPE . Quite simple, now the boot is on the other foot. They owner of the business will have to pay about £1.40 to the Royal Mail To Get This Sealed Addressed Letter Fro Them, What Will They Get ...Ha There Bloody Junk Mail Back, Job Done...

Pop A Note In To Say " You Ignored My NO JUNK MAIL SIGN, So I've Ignored The Return Postage, So Feel Free To Keep Posting Your Unwanted Junk Mail Through ANY Doors Displaying A No Junk Mail Sign....I'm Sure These Businesses Will Get The Message Soon, DON'T PUT YOUR NAME & ADDRESS ON THIS NOTE.. 

Hey This Is Extreme Recycling... Cost Of Envelope 2p... The Look On Their Face After A Wasted Trip To Their Local Post Office To Collect This Letter.....Priceless..